Weybridge Rowing Club


This page is under development and will contain information about ClubMark. Weybridge Rowing Club was accredited in 2005 thanks to our excellence in caring for our junior members. Here are some of the documents which form part of our accreditation, plus links to relevant British Rowing resources.

Weybridge Rowing Club documents

Child Protection policy  Aug 2013
Junior Club rules July 2013
Code of Conduct for coaches and officials    July 2013

Code of Conduct for parents

British Rowing's resources

Row Safe
Child Protection Policy
How Much and How Often
Coach Participant Ratios


What is Clubmark?

Clubmark is a set of standards – a sort of Kitemark or ISO9000 for sports clubs.  It is applicable to all sports, not just rowing, though the British Rowing has adopted it as a follow-on to Project Oarsome and the National Junior Rowing Programme.  Unlike these programmes, however, it does not involve clubs in a lot of expense in buying special equipment, but merely requires adherence to a set of guidelines (see below) and completion of a “portfolio” of paperwork.

What are the advantages for us?

As well as gaining a pat on the back from British Rowing and recognition by the local council, there are several tangible benefits to WRC becoming Clubmark accredited:


Criteria for Clubmark Accreditation

Duty of care and child protection

Coaching and competition

Sports equity and ethics

Club management