Race Control is at Cowey Sale. Race is approx. 3000m downstream in two divisions.
Start times: Division 1: 10:30am, Division 2: 1:00pm.


Registration is at Cowey Sale and is open from 8:00am.

Crew identification will be by four numbers. Two large numbers to be worn by bow one on outer layer and one on the racing vest, and two small self-adhesive labels to be fixed to the saxboard, as far forward as possible.

Rigging and Boating

The principal boating location is Cowey Sale, clubs may boat from Walton RC only with prior agreement.

At Cowey Sale rig on the grass area adjacent to the car park. Boats will be spot checked for Safety. Trailer parking and toilets are available at Cowey Sale.

Crews boating from Walton RC must allow 40 minutes for transit to the start area.

Crews boating from Cowey Sale must allow 20 minutes for transit to the start area.

Crews will be called for boating in batches, lowest numbers first, you will be allocated to a landing stage.

Boat with bows upstream away from the bridge. On leaving the raft go to the far Middlesex side and proceed to the start area via the Old River. Normal navigation rules apply.

Warming up

Crews can train on the reach before 10am. Normal circulation rules apply (down on towpath, Surrey; up on far side, Middlesex). NO CREWS ARE PERMITTED TO TRAIN ON THE COURSE AFTER 10AM.

Crews are encouraged to warm up on land before boating. Warming up on the water must not include full pressure pieces.


Crews will be marshalled along the Middlesex side, bows facing into the stream, lowest number towards D’Oyly Carte Island (See Start Area Circulation map).

Marshals will be on the bank and afloat on the river to assist crews and ensure they are in the correct position.

The first 50 crews in each division must be in position 10 minutes before the start time, crews 51 onwards must be in position 5 minutes before the start time. Marshals will instruct crews to turn around the turning buoy and paddle gently in numerical order in single file up towards the start line (Tops off ready to race).

Crews will be told to ‘GO’ by the Start Marshal approximately 50m before the timed start line.


Bank umpires will control racing. Coaching from the bank is permitted; no megaphones or radios are allowed.

Crews will be started on the Surrey side. The Desborough Channel is closed to all non-racing boats so the full width of this section of the river can be used. After leaving Desborough Channel, crews must stay on the Surrey side following the normal navigational rules of the river, care must be taken to ensure crews do not stray over to the Middlesex side. Hulls crossing 3 or more marker buoys may attract disqualification. Crews being overtaken are to give way by moving out of the racing line to whichever side is appropriate. After crossing the finish line at Miskins Wharf, approximately 50m upstream of Walton RC (see Map) crews should paddle on as instructed by marshals before stopping. Only crews boating from Walton RC are permitted to cross to the landing stage, as directed by marshals. Crews must return to Cowey Sale using the Middlesex side, upon arriving at Walton Bridge crews will be instructed to wait and will be called across to the rafts when it is safe to do so.

Failure to observe the Rules could incur time penalties or disqualification.

Coaching from the Bank

Please note that the towpath is a Public Right of Way and we expect any Coaches following crews along the towpath on a bicycle to take care and ensure they avoid collisions with spectators, dog walkers and children in particular. This may mean walking their bicycle in areas that are particularly busy e.g. start and finish areas.

Results and Prize giving

Provisional results will be posted after each division on the website.

A presentation will take place at Elmbridge canoe Club at about 3:00pm. Full results will be published at: www.weybridgerowing.org.uk/winterhead.htm


A Welfare Officer (Judy Sarsby / mobile: 07974 090881) has been appointed to act as point of contact for any matters relating to the welfare and wellbeing of both competitors and young and vulnerable people attending the event.


The Event Committee accept no liability for damage, loss of property or personnel injury caused in connection with the event. In the event of the race being cancelled due to factors beyond its immediate control, the Event Committee is not obliged to give a full refund of fees.

Last modified: 31st December 2017