References: Row Safe: A Guide to Good Practice in Rowing

Risk Level Estimator

 Severity of Outcome
Probability of Occurrence Slightly harmful Harmful Extremely harmful
Highly Unlikely Trivial Risk Tolerable Risk Moderate Risk
Unlikely Tolerable Risk Moderate Risk Substantial Risk
Likely Moderate Risk Substantial Risk Intolerable Risk

Risk Based Control Plan

Risk Level Action and Timescale
1. Trivial No action required.
2. Tolerable No additional controls are required. Consideration may be given to a more effective solution or improvement.
3. Moderate Efforts should be made to reduce the risk. Risk reduction measures should be implemented within a defined time period. Where the moderate risk is associated with harmful/serious consequences further assessment may be necessary to establish more precisely the likelihood of harm as a basis for determining the need for improved control measures.
4. Substantial The activity should not be started until the risk has been reduced. Considerable resources may have to be allocated to reduce the risk. Where the risk involves activity already in progress, urgent action should be taken.
5. Intolerable Activity should not be started or continued until the risk has been reduced. If it is not possible to reduce risk even with unlimited resources, activity has to remain prohibited.

Risk Assessment

Risk Probability of Accidents
Risk Level Planned Action to Control Risk
Fast river conditions Likely Harmful Substantial The safety Adviser will take advice on the river conditions from the Environment Agency 3 days before the race. If Yellow or Red warning boards are predicted, the race will be cancelled
Damage and injury resulting from collision between competitors. Likely Slightly Harmful Moderate

During the race, competitors are spaced apart at the Start. Returning Competitors are prohibited from crossing to the Surrey bank while racing is in progress: race officials will monitor this.

Racing competitors are at all times within sight of a race monitor, with radio contact to a rescue launch. Waterborne marshals are positioned in the Start marshalling area and at the Finish to keep the competitors apart.

There are also rescue launches at the Start, mid-course and Finish

Damage and injury resulting from collision with other river traffic. Unlikely Harmful Moderate There are warning boards at all access points onto the course. Closures to other river traffic apply to the Surrey side of D’Oyly Carte Island, the Desborough Channel and the Surrey half of the Thames between Desborough Island and just below Walton RC.The lock-keepers at either end of the course are given information leaflets to hand to non race boat users. Local river club users will be notified of the race. Race monitors and marshals are equipped with loudhailers to warn other river users as necessary.
Crews crossing road at Cowey Sale to boat Unlikely Harmful Moderate 20mph Speed limit imposed on road traffic reinforced with warning signs
Capsize during race Likely Slightly Harmful Moderate

Racing competitors are at all times within sight of a race monitor, with radio contact to a rescue launch.

It is the responsibility of all competitors to ensure that their boats have adequate buoyancy and that they can release their feet in an emergency. Umpires will make spot checks as the competitors are boating.

Sudden bad weather causing unrowable and/or dangerous conditions Unlikely Harmful Moderate The Race Committee and the Safety Adviser will suspend or cancel racing if they judge that conditions are dangerous.
Injury or illness to a competitor or official on the land Unlikely Harmful Moderate St John Ambulance attending at Cowey sale. First Aid facilities are available at Walton Rowing Club, and Elmbridge Canoe Club
Man overboard from boats used for course preparation and marshalling Unlikely Slightly Harmful Tolerable All personnel afloat will be provided with personal buoyancy aids.
Capsize whilst proceeding to race Start via the ‘Old River’ Unlikely Harmful Moderate A rescue launch assisted by 2 Marshalls will provide safety cover

It is recommended that the Race Committee and Safety Adviser hold a Risk Assessment meeting 3 days preceding the Race at Weybridge Rowing Club. Any further risks should be identified and measures agreed to reduce these to an acceptable level.

Last modified: 27th December 2017