The following has been compiled in response to British Rowing’s ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy’, in particular WG3.4: Guidelines for rowing competitions.

Who is responsible for welfare issues? The event has appointed Judy Sarsby as welfare officer for the event. All officials and competitors will be notified of the contact phone number of the Welfare Officer is through the Welfare Statement posted on the website which will also be displayed at key boating positions on the day.
Awareness. The event will publicise the Welfare Plan on the website and as an email attachment to clubs sent along with the instructions for racing.  
Medical provision. The event Water Safety Adviser will brief medical teams on welfare issues. WSA to distribute a copy of the Welfare Statement to safety and medical crews along with their instructions.
Appropriate level of security. The Organising Committee is to ensure that Heads of Department are aware of the need to safeguard the security of children where changing facilities are provided, i.e. Chief Marshal at Walton RC.  
Missing persons. Any missing persons should be reported to the nearest official who will inform the Chief Umpire between divisions. If after contacting officials along the appropriate length of the course there is still concern that the person has not been located, the Chief Umpire will contact the local police. Chief Umpire to have number of local police station.
Access to young people or their contact details. It is the responsibility of all visiting clubs to ensure that anyone undertaking supervisory roles or with access to young people’s contact details should have undertaken DBS checks.  
Photography. It is the responsibility of those in visiting clubs with responsibilities for safeguarding children to be aware of people taking photographs. If they are concerned about the possible contents of photographs then they should either challenge the individual directly or report the incident to the Welfare Officer.  

Last modified: 3rd January 2018