Weybridge Rowing Club

Equipment list

The Club has a packed boathouse containing:

  • 3 eights
  • 4 coxed fours (quad riggers for 2 of these)
  • 4 coxless fours (quad riggers for 3 of these)
  • 11 coxless pairs (double riggers for all of these)
  • 7 single sculls
  • 2 lightweight tub doubles 'trimmy'
  • 1 tub single 'mondego'
  • 20 privately-owned singles & doubles
  • 6 Concept II ergometers
  • 60 rowing oars
  • 30 pairs of sculls
  • weight training facilities
  • a 4-tier , 2-axle trailer with 13 boat positions
  • a 2-tier , 1-axle trailer with 5 boat positions

Most of our boats have distinctive names and are easy to identify at regattas across the UK:

Boat type



Primary group

Ideal crew weight

Boat id
Eight   Fillippi Men 80kg WEY201
Eight Get A'Wey Raymond Sims Men 85kg WEY002
Eight Weyward Janousek Women 70kg WEY001
Eight Take-A-Wey Raymond Sims Men/women 75kg WEY003
Eight Tossed A'Wey Janousek Men/women 75kg WEY200
Coxed four/quad ThamesWey Janousek Juniors 80kg WEY018
Coxed four/quad Wey Hey! Janousek Women/juniors 70kg WEY019
Coxed four/quad Break A'Wey Janousek Women 80kg WEY020
Coxed four Hands A'Wey Janousek Men 80kg WEY021
Coxless four/quad All The Wey Ray Sims Men 85kg WEY022
Coxless four/quad One Wey Janousek Men 80kg WEY023
Coxless four/quad Yet Another Wey Stampfli Women 65kg WEY024
Coxless quad (un-named 2014)  Janousek Men/women/juniors 70kg WEY025
Coxless four Chocks A'Wey Janousek Men 85kg WEY026
Coxless pair/double Either Wey Ray Sims Men 85kg WEY014
Coxless pair/double Wey To Go Janousek Men/hwt women 80kg WEY008
Coxless pair/double Winning Weys Ray Sims Women/lwt men 70kg WEY006
Coxless pair/double CrossWeys Ray Sims Women/lwt men 70kg WEY007
Coxless pair/double Both Weys Aylings Men 90kg WEY005
Coxless pair/double Basil Eton Men 80kg WEY009
Coxless pair/double Wey To Do It Lola Juniors/women 70kg WEY010
Coxless pair/double Milky Wey Ray Sims Women 70kg WEY004
Double This Wey Up Janousek Lightweights/juniors 65kg WEY012
Double Other Wey Up Janousek Lightweights/juniors 65kg WEY013
Double OurWey Janousek   75kg WEY015
Double s/n 08269 Janousek   65kg WEY016
Coxless pair/double Steal A'Wey Carbocraft Juniors 75kg WEY011
Coxless pair (yellow pair) unknown Men 80kg WEY017
Single scull Grace Burgashell Women 65kg WEY032
Single Scull (Mike Cumpper) Janousek Men/junior men 85kg WEY034
Single Scull Urging Amy Janousek Men/junior men 75kg WEY033
Single Scull Doodlebug Janousek     WEY040
Single Scull - Stampfli   80kg WEY042
Single scull Tear a'Wey Aylings Juniors/women/lwt men 65kg WEY043
Single scull Stow a'Wey Liang-Jin Juniors 60kg WEY036
Single scull Theresa ? Juniors/women 60kg WEY045
Single scull - (blue) Hasle all 80kg  
Single scull - (green) Hasle all 80kg  
Single scull - (red) Hasle all 80kg  
Tub double - (dark blue) Hasle novices, recreational - WEY038
Tub double/pair - (light blue) Hasle novices, recreational - WEY037
Tub single - (dark blue) Mondego novices, recreational -  
Coaching launch   Funcat coaching only 1+1 seats WEY101
Coaching launch   Funcat coaching only 1+1 seats WEY102
Coaching launch   Eton coaching only 1+1 seats WEY103

Numbers in use : WEY001-058  and WEY900-954 ; WEF001-010
Numbers merged: WEY035 + 044 -> 034
Numbers spare: WEY027,028,029,044