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General Rowing Resources

British Rowing See reference documents for standard British Rowing paperwork.
Rachel Quarrell's Rowing Service


Everything you ever wanted to know about rowing in the UK and across the world!

Including generic ARA Head and Regatta entry forms

Rowing Vortal Some useful directories, both UK and world-wide. Some inevitable duplication with the Rowing Service.
Rowers Reunited Database of rowers by club by date. You'll need to register before searching out your long-lost crewmates.
Allan Whitwell Expert sculling coach, provider of our renowned sculling courses
Guide to Coxing Courtesy of City of Bristol RC
Guide to Boat Safety A showcase of how to jeopardise your own safety and upset control commissions at regattas.
FISA tour This year's FISA tour on the River Thames. Contact Caroline Turnbull if you're interested in taking part or helping with this exciting international event!
FISA World Rowing Rowing's world governing body (old url: FISA )
Rowing.net International rowing database
Rowers World Bit like Rachel Quarrell's site, but US based
The Alternative Rower Yes, even rowers have a sense of humour
David Biddulph's rowing page Regularly updated UK regatta calendars for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, International regatta calendar , list of club websites and on-line maps
Onstream Our website service provider, with an excellent list of resources.
Mupiro Rowing Services This may help you find your way to regattas.
JET Photographic Photos from current and previous years
National Rowing League Check the latest men's & women's league positions
Rowing Newsgroup Hour-by-hour news and gossip from the rowing community at rowing.sport.rec, presented at html pages by Google.com
British Sports Directory of all British sporting organisations' websites
Therapy Directory Directory of therapists in the UK
Walk Tall Shoes and clothes for big people. Also Tallgirls.co.uk

Racing and Results

Women's Head of the River  
Men's Head of the River Guide to steering on the Tideway. Full year's tide tables for Mortlake. And tide predictor for Putney.
Veterans' Head of the River  
Scullers' Head of the River  
Fours Head of the River  
Henley Royal Regatta The best-known regatta in the world
Women's Henley Regatta The highest standard women-only regatta anywhere
UK Regatta Results  

The Thames and Weybridge

Environment Agency River Thames navigation information (river status report) : 0845 988 1188 - then hit 1 - then key in 011131. Shepperton navigation office : 01276 454904. Navigation emergencies : 0800 80 70 60.
Elmbridge on-line Information about Elmbridge Borough and Weybridge town.
River & Rowing Museum The definitive mesuem dedicated to rowing. It's at Henley, open all year round.
River Thames Guide A comprehensive and illustrated excellent guide to our famous waterway
River Thames Bridges includes distances between all Thames bridges
Punter's Guide to the Thames John Eade's comprehensive view of the Thames, with some excellent pictures