Weybridge Rowing Club - Safety Procedures


Weybridge Rowing Club is committed to keeping members safe on the water and when engaged in rowing or training activities by following British Rowing's Rowsafe Code. We endeavour to meet this commitment by having a clearly communicated policy that is understood by members, coaches and leaders in the club. To facilitate this all members will be assessed for competence in rowing safety knowledge and will not use club equipment unsupervised until they have been satisfactorily assessed.

Safety Equipment

Restrictions on Boating - Warning Boards

Restrictions on boating apply to everyone boating from Weybridge Rowing Club. Warning Boards indicate the state of the river; these are coloured boards situated prominently on the door of the ladies changing room. In times of strong stream the Club Captain, or an appointed deputy, will obtain E.A. advice on water safety. If necessary, the Club Captain will arrange for the warning boards to be changed. Consider the stream, wind and visibility, and if there is any doubt about the wisdom of boating - DON'T. If in doubt, contact the local Environment Agency office (Shepperton) on 01276 454900.

CLICK HERE for the Risk Assessment Guidelines which explain the 4 statuses used and how they determine who can row.

Rowing and Sculling

Rowing After Dark

"Rowing or sculling after nightfall is dangerous and should not be encouraged. When it is necessary, a coach should accompany crews and scullers on the bank or in an accompanying launch. All craft must be properly illuminated." (see the Rowsafe code)




Incident Reporting

No matter how careful we all are, sometimes accidents happen. Here's what you should do: